Dr. Bannock Article

by Dr. Laz Bannock, PhD

The Centre for Integrative Medicine, London

Published in
Functional Nutrition Magazine

Cellfood 1 Ounce Bottle

It’s been said that “we are what we eat.” But a much more accurate definition is “we are what we can get out of food.” For health and well-being depend not just on the nutrients we take in, but on what the body can absorb from those nutrients. Simply put, nutrients need to be biologically available to the cells, and the cells need to be in optimum condition to absorb the nutrients— this, in truth, is the key to successful nutrition.

Most supplements, however, do not address the cellular condition of the body. Worse, many are in a form that is unacceptable to the cells themselves. There is, however, one remarkable exception to this depressing trend— and that is an oxygen mineral supplement called Cellfood. It’s is a nutritional revelation. As its name implies, it provides nutrition directly to the cells and, critically, helps the cells to properly absorb the nutrients we take in.

Back to Basics

Cells are nutritionall significant because they convert the nutrients we ingest into the energy we need to live. If our cells are in good condition, they will be able to better utilize nutrients, and our organs and tissues will function properly as a result.

The health of the cells depends on two factors. The first is the extracellular fluid in which they exist, also know as the biological terrain. As Guylen & Hall’s Textbook of Medical Physiology states, “Cells are capable of living, growing and performing their special functions as long as the proper concentrations of oxygen, glucose, different ions, amino acids, fatty substances, and other constituents are available in this environment.” The second factor is the cells’ ability to eliminate a variety of toxins from everyday living. Detoxification is influenced by many factors, including the amount of water we drink, the pH balance of the body and the balance of bodily fluids, especially blood and lymph. Without efficient detoxification, the cells will not be able to fully absorb nutrients.

The Benefits of Cellfood

Cellfood addresses the needs of the cells. Cellfood is a proprietary formulation developed by Everett Storey— a man who, legend says, was referred to as a genius by his colleague Albert Einstein. It contains abundant trace minerals and elements, enzymes and amino acids in colloidal form, from sea water, mineral springs and sea vegetation. Because the digestive system extracts nutrients in colloidal form, Cellfood provides biologically available nutrients directly to the cells.

Cellfood also has a unique ability to generate nascent oxygen and electrolytes at the cellular level. Cellfood dissociates water molecules in cells into hydrogen and oxygen by shifting and weakening the bonding electrons of water towards oxygen and away from hydrogen. The oxygen ions that are produced are negatively charged, and these then bond with the positively charged free radicals in the body creating pure oxygen (as well as reducing harmful free radicals). Adequate oxygen is vital for the cells to eliminate toxins, and to improve the biological terrain, as well as raising energy levels in the body. This mix of colloidal nutrients, increased oxygen and electrolytes radically improves the biological terrain, the blood and the lymph, and detoxification so beneficial to homeostatis.

Cellfood’s suggested use is eight drops three times per day in water, but I have found that higher levels are more beneficial. One can see Cellfood working within an hour. Using live blood video microscopy, I can show improved Zeta potential, improved oxy-hemoglobin saturation levels and improved enthrocyte integrity generally within 60 minutes of taking Cellfood. Over time, there is an improvement in the patient’s sense of well being and energy levels. Some benefits can be seen almost immediately, but longer term benefits of Cellfood generally show themselves after 6-8 weeks or three months, depending on individual makeup.

It is my opinion that Cellfood is the only dietary supplement available today that has been designed with a high degree of biological availability that will specifically benefit the cells’ requirements— while positively influencing the biological terrain, especially by removing waste. It should form a part of most, if not all, dietary regimens.