“I want to share my experience with Cellfood after taking it 3 times daily for one month. I feel less stressed and more calm and relaxed. I’m one happy customer.”

PJ— San Diego, CA

“Taking the Cellfood has greatly increased my stamina and general energy level. In the past I had to take several naps per day, but since I’ve been on this wonderful product, I’ve felt no need to take these naps. I am able to carry on a full and active day, which was impossible two months ago. I’ve also noticed that I sleep much better. I am more alert and better able to concentrate. As a Registered Nurse I am amazed with the effects that Cellfood has produced in my life. In closing, I would like to thank you for making this product available to myself and to anyone who may have similar challenges. Cellfood has improved my quality of life substantially.”

EG, R.N.— San Diego, CA

“I was watching a TV broadcast of ABC’s 20/20 last night, and the second segment was devoted to the appearance of an especially virulent strain of E.coli on fresh vegetables, especially lettuce. Interviews were held with people who became very ill after ingesting what they thought was healthful food. An incident where hundreds of Japanese school children became ill from tainted radish sprouts was also reviewed. In an interview and demonstration with health officials it was shown that even with thorough washing, one or two cells of E.coli still contaminated the subject lettuce. The conclusion of the program is that our produce is The World’s #1 oxygen + nutrient supplement! mostly safe, but that we should always be sure to thoroughly wash it before ingesting. After reading the U.S.P. Challenge test given to Cellfood, I saw clearly that Cellfood killed E.coli permanently upon contact. If you are concerned by this 20/20 report, I recommend that you incorporate Cellfood into your dailly health program.”

SBW— Apple Valley, CA

“I’ve been running regularly for almost 40 years, and have experimented with every type of nutritional supplement to increase endurance— and to speed up the muscular recovery process. In these two areas, I observe that Cellfood is in a class by itself. I drink about 8 ounces of water with Cellfood before each run—and it’s often well into the 90’s (degree) range here in Florida— and about 16 ounces after. I have almost no lactic acid buildup (which usually feels like a stinging in the leg muscles, often leading to cramps) during my runs any more, and so my endurance is sharply increased. And I feel so little resulting fatigue after the run that I often forget I that I ever worked out— and later the same day find myself thinking about taking another run! This is a dramatically different athletic lifestyle that Cellfood now affords me. I highly recommend this product to any athlete— in any sport— who desires more sustained endurance, less muscle soreness, and dramatically shortened recovery periods.”

MR— Sarasota, FL

“I have had much success with Cellfood. The first day I took Cellfood I slept more than I had at any one time in years. After a few days my energy increased to where I now have several more hours each day of active life— and more overall flexibility. I’ve also had no constipation since using the The World’s #1 oxygen + nutrient supplement! product; this used to be a common problem. I also have used Cellfood on both my fingernails and toenails— both of which had fungus and poor circulation. Within days my nails became smoother, and the cuticles became pink and the fungus healed. I take the Cellfood both internally and topically as described. It will itch and burn for a few moments when applied directly, but relief is almost instantaneous.”

JAJ— Torrance, CA

“For most of my adult life, my day was comprised of work, then home to rest and sleep. Much of the weekend was also spent resting. I recently started taking Cellfood on a regular three-times-daily basis, which refreshed and energized me. Now that I’m on Cellfood on a consistent basis, my energy has been restored. Research on Cellfood indicates that it is a powerful electrolyte solution, that it works to energize the body and bring it into chemical and electrical balance.”

BBM, M.D.— Carmichael, CA

“In late September, 1999, we began using Cellfood. My mother-in-law was mentally lethargic and unresponsive. She wouldn’t feed herself, and slumped on the couch all day, sleeping. When we started her on Cellfood, there was a dramatic change. Not only was she awake more, noticing what was going on around her— and talking again— but she became more vigorous, and began walking with some energy. She is still nearly blind and nearly deaf, but it is wonderful to have her ‘present’ again.”

VM— Bedford, TX

“My life has changed dramatically since I began taking Cellfood 2 months ago. The effects of taking this product were almost immediate. I have had a major problem with fatigue and well-being for years. For quite a while my work day was limited, and that took all of my energy; I too often had to tell my husband I was too tired to do anything else. When I started taking Cellfood my energy level tripled within 24 hours. I began to get projects done that had been on the back burner for months. I no longer needed to have caffeine to get me up and around in the morning. Life became so much easier, happier and more full as a result of taking this product. Now, after just 2 months, I have so much energy that I’ve started taking dance lessons, am adding more clients to my practice, and my house is cleaner than it’s been in years. Every day I thank God for sending me Cellfood.”

SK— Sarasota, FL

“My wife and I have been taking Cellfood since October 2002. We were keen to start as we have our own business and always felt tired and run down. We would feel exhausted by the afternoon and lacked concentration. Since taking Cellfood, we have more energy, sleep very well, have a feeling of well-being, our memories have improved, and we have happy colons. We have also started to take Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula at night. We are very happy to have been introduced to these products.”

E and GJK— Wichita, KS

“A year ago I was struggling with some several health challenges. The effort to work full time— along with my body’s intolerance to heat (I live in Florida!)— was almost too much to bear. A coworker introduced me to Cellfood and its possible The World’s #1 oxygen + nutrient supplement! benefits. Feeling that I had nothing to lose, I tried it. I took the first dose in the early evening and went to bed (dreading another night of agonizing pain, restlessness and very little sleep). I immediately fell into a deep and peaceful sleep, awoke before the alarm clock sounded, and jumped out of bed, realizing what had happened: I had slept well for 8 hours and woke up feeling rested and with energy. What an amazing feeling! Cellfood has been sustaining me ever since (6 months). I’m now bike riding on a daily basis.”

RS— DeLand, FL

“Now that I understand Cellfood and how it works in the body, it makes absolute common sense how it is helping improve my overall health. The oxygen release and the minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are in Cellfood are the main ingredients the body needs to assist in repairing and balancing the whole system. Today I am a younger, healthier person than I was four years ago. My health has improved, I am more energetic, I now work from home, and some days I am so busy that I cannot cope with all the work. I take no medication, and only take my Cellfood everyday, and I will continue taking it for the rest of my life.”

DJ— Weston, CT

“I have had a recurring problem with itching skin on my legs for the past 10 years. After applying Cellfood Oxygen Gel a couple of times each day for about one week the symptoms were completely gone and have not returned. I was amazed to see the results of using Cellfood Oxygen Gel for this problem.

SD— Alpharetta, GA

“I am a martial arts instructor, fitness kickboxing and personal trainer. I have had great success in my line of work— which has brought me much media coverage, TV and newspaper articles— and love doing it. Yet at 43 I was feeling run down and over trained. This lead to numerous injuries and a very bad immune system, catching every cold that my family and students had. My doctor was doing research on alkalizing the body. He advised me to try a bottle of Cellfood and I was hooked. My schedule now is still the same; I teach 6 martial arts classes a day— from 3 year olds to an adults ‘super fit’ fitness kickboxing class. I also train personally and work out with weights. Yet now I rarely catch a cold or ever feel tired. My body recovers a lot faster from workouts and I feel great. Cellfood has become my fountain of youth.”

JA— Miami, FL

“After living at a 5280 foot elevation, you would think I would be acclimated to the altitude, but going to 8700 feet had an impact on my body, and especially on my sleep. We took the Cellfood on the first day and it helped our bodies tremendously with the intensive yoga and with the altitude. And we are all locals! I look forward to using it during the upcoming ski season.”

DW— Estes Park, CO

“When we moved to Colorado, the altitude was killing my husband and son. They felt horrible! They had no energy, were very moody, and just felt very uncomfortable! I then remembered that we had a bottle of Cellfood, and remembering that it was supposed to help oxygenate the body, so I decided to give it a try. After their first glass they both felt better. Since then they have been feeling great, and have plenty of energy. I will always have plenty of it on hand!”  oxygen + nutrient supplement!

LF— Denver, CO

“I first heard about Cellfood from my very good friend, Ingrid. After about 2 weeks, I couldn’t get over how much better I felt and how much energy I was feeling. I am 86 years old and still work 20 hours a week. Before Cellfood, I’d found that after a long day, I was very tired the next day. I usually would lie around and not even dress. Now, I get up, get dressed and head for town— it’s amazing! I also use the Cellfood Oxygen Gel and love the feeling and what is does for my skin. I was in a dress shop last Saturday and when the gal there learned my age, she said, “I want what you take! I want to look like you!” She is 42 years old and would not believe me. I had to show her my driver’s license! I can’t say enough nice (and true) things about Cellfood and what it has done for me and others who use it.”

WH— Providence, RI

“I started taking Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula about a month ago now, and I must say that taking the 20 drops at night have made an incredible difference in my sleeping pattern. I have been able to sleep right through the night. Before I would wake up at all hours of the night just wishing that it was time to get up and go to work, rather than lie in bed waiting to fall asleep. I definitely feel more rested in the morning, and am ready to face the work situation. I must say without a doubt that the stress levels have decreased, it is almost as though I am able to cope so much better than before taking the Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula. I feel so much more energetic than before, whereas I would always come home from work and just collapse on the settee and not be able to find enough energy to lift myself up from the sitting position and make a cup of tea. Now that I am taking Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula, all this has changed for the better.”

FB— Los Angeles, CA

“I have been on the product Cellfood since 26th December 2002. Since taking this product I have felt more energetic and stress free. Due to the type of work that I am involved in, my stress levels are very high, and this caused me to struggle to sleep at night. Since taking Cellfood, I am sleeping through the night, and awakening feeling refreshed and stress free in the morning. Before I started taking Cellfood, I would wake up six times at night to go to the bathroom. Now I sleep right through the night and only occasionally wake up once I go to the bathroom. Cellfood has worked for me.”

GEE— Santa Fe, NM

“I’ve been taking Cellfood for two years now, and I feel like a new person. I have more energy, I want to do so much more with my life, my attitude has changed, and I feel absolutely fantastic. I recommend Cellfood to all my friends. I feel that all senior citizens should be taking Cellfood, and take less of some of the drugs that they all seem to live on. Cellfood supplies me with all the essential supplements to sustain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

UF— Dallas, TX

“I am a self-employed businessman and have noticed since being introduced to Cellfood that I have more energy and do not feel so stressed out. I feel good and have a lot more stamina; and my blood pressure is under control. I suffered from slight detoxification when I first took Cellfood, but that only lasted a few days. I take 20 drops of Cellfood in the morning, and I have 8 hours of sleep at night. I have been sleeping well and wake up very early in the morning feeling refreshed and alert. I will definitely continue to take Cellfood, as I cannot believe what it has done for me.”

MK— United Kingdom

Cellfood accolades from South Africa:

Dr. Linet Stockdale, Hematologist: “It doesn’t matter what type of health challenge a person has. The addition of oxygen in the bloodstream, with the hydrogen molecules, which Cellfood provides, will definitely bond in a better format to create a healthier cell.”

Dr. Svet Boulatov, Physician and Homeopath: “Cellfood is highly energized and has highly beneficial vibrations itself. It increases the body frequencies because each body organ has certain frequencies it works with. All the junk food and pollution decreases the frequencies of the organs, and lack of the full spectrum of minerals does the same. Therefore supplying Cellfood to the body increases the frequencies naturally, and because the DNA of the body is created perfectly, there are no barriers to performing at the highest levels— the levels at which you were born to perform.”

Grenville Scullard, Gold Medal Cyclist: “I think our human body system was designed around a very good plan— and oxygen is a fundamental element in it. And because of the way that we treat the environment, we’re living in an oxygen-deficient world. Cellfood has the ability to put the oxygen back in your system— and more importantly, it’s completely cell-available, which improves the entire body system.”

Mike Matulovich, CEO, Oxygen for Life: “Everett Storey, the inventor of Cellfood, invented Cellfood because he was a humanitarian, and also had a particular personal need. He and his colleagues had been exposed to a lot of radiation, and they were dying. Storey was working on a way to split the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the water molecule. When he worked out how to use deuterium— the only non-radioactive isotope of hydrogen, which was developed by Dr. Harold Urey in 1932— Storey created this life-enhancing product called Cellfood, which inside his own body would split the oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The oxygen would help to remove the toxins and radiation from his system. Everett Storey lived to the age of 78 because of his own invention. When you put oxygen in the body it removes toxins— it changes people’s attitudes, because when there are a lot of toxins in the body, it affects thinking and overall functioning. By oxidizing the toxins in a person’s body, that person has a different attitude, a different frame of reference and a new mental state.”

Winnie Mandela, President of the ANC Women’s League, South Africa: “I haven’t got ways to thank you for the wonderful, wonderful product you have introduced to myself and my people. I am a beneficiary of the fantastic benefits of Cellfood. I preach about it everywhere, and all my colleagues in government have wonderful things to say about it. It has completely changed my life. People now continually ask me about my great energy….. I was also very confrontational before, as many of you know. Cellfood has helped me relax and not have the anger I’d been experiencing throughout my life. I have been very angry about apartheid— I have been very angry about what it has done to my people, and, above all, to my own family. I now have much more patience and am more accommodating. Cellfood proves there are alternatives to whatever stress we may face.”

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If under medical care, or if pregnant or nursing, please consult a health professional.

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