About Us


Lumina Health Products is the exclusive distributor of Cellfood products in the United States. We strive to make your experience carrying the Cellfood product line rewarding and problem-free. Ask your industry colleagues about us!

Lumina Health Building

A Company Founded on the Highest Standards

When you work with Lumina, you’re assured of the best products, customer care, and attention to detail.

Our company houses its administration, warehousing and shipping operations in a modern, state-of-the-art facility in Sarasota, Florida. A team of highly-trained employees play an integral role in all aspects of our distribution operations.

  • We have an industry-leading reputation for promptness and for the accuracy of our shipments. You can verify this with any of our thousands of U.S. accounts! Orders called in by 5:00 p.m. EST usually ship out the same day!
  • We have an industry-leading reputation for packing technologies we’ve developed to assure damage-free shipments. We inventory the industry’s widest array of box sizes, so there is a minimum of packaging waste— and minimum delivery cost.
  • We have an industry-leading reputation for our prompt and courteous responses to technical questions called or emailed in from any account— or from your individual customer. And, our highly successful phone training program provides you and your staff with exceptional educational support.
  • We have an industry-leading reputation for our attractive displays and point-of-purchase materials — all created to help you to maximize your sales. This website provides a broad range of information — and scientific research — designed to help your customers understand the many health benefits of the world- renowned Cellfood technology.
  • We have an industry-leading reputation for solving specialized merchandising challenges at your location— and we have the tools needed to increase your Cellfood sales throughout the year.
  • We have an industry-leading reputation for our no-questions-asked 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee— with no time limit. This unlimited guarantee is not offered by any other distributor of dietary supplements— clear evidence that we want every single Cellfood user to be completely satisfied with our products.

We welcome any feedback regarding additional ways we can support your store and the health and well-being of your customers. We encourage you to contact us with any special support requests.

Our Mission

Lumina Health Products is dedicated to providing the best in natural health products, education and customer support— all toward the end of promoting and supporting optimal natural wellness for everyone.

We proudly operate within a culture of respect, cooperation and fairness in all our endeavors.
This means:

  • We distribute only Cellfood products— formulations that have proven themselves to be life-enhancing, safe, and effective for over forty-five years;
  • We distribute to only those retailers and health professionals dedicated to serving their customers, clients, suppliers and staff with respect and fairness— and who are dedicated to promoting the ideals of the natural health movement; *
  • We hire only those employees who will serve our customers with attentiveness, courtesy and respect— and we in turn treat our staff the same way.

Our Founders

Mark Rubin

Mark Rubin is an activist in the realm of mind/body/spirit development, and promotes ageless living as a lifetime endeavor. A life-long runner and cyclist, he believes that our consciousness is the primary factor determining our health and wellness. Aside from his daily activities in the world of dietary supplement distribution and alternative health protocols, his professional background includes communications, design and modern architecture.

David Rubin

David Rubin has traveled the world as a management consultant to many of the world’s leading high-tech companies, specializing in the area of enhanced leadership through effective communication. He successfully competed in a wide array of team sports for many years— and competed in the 1964 US Olympic Trials in C1 canoe. He now counsels in the area of wellness and human potential.