Online Retailers

Online Retailers throughout the country are discovering the benefits of carrying Cellfood products for their customers.

Cellfood’s convenient size, its affordable price, and its ability to release abundant oxygen and hydrogen throughout the body make it a unique, compelling and fast-selling product. The entire line— including Oxygen Gel, Essential Silica, Weight Loss, and SAM-e— is now adding a whole new dimension to retailers’ product lines.

When you order any Cellfood products from Lumina Health Products, you’ll receive ongoing phone support for sales and technical information— for you AND your customers.

For a complete information package— containing technical product data, ordering information, and sample support literature— or for questions about becoming a Cellfood retailer, call our office at 800-749-9196.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Who are your Cellfood customers?


Carrying Cellfood for Your Online Customers

When you work with Lumina, you’re assured of the best and most effective nutritional formulas and customer support!