The world’s no. 1-selling
oxygen + nutrient supplement
for over 50 years

Each day, more and more people are discovering the remarkable benefits of our CELLFOOD formula — used and trusted in over ninety countries around the world for fifty years.

Cellfood’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells— cleaning and tuning the body throughout the day. Cellfood naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body, helping 24/7 to support energy, endurance, and overall health.

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The original
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since 1969

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For technical questions, to find out where to purchase our Cellfood products, or to open a wholesale account, call us at 800-749-9196.

Everyone can benefit from Cellfood!

Find out why Cellfood really is for everyone— from the health challenged to those in good health, and even Olympic-level athletes.

Take Cellfood wherever you go.

It’s the perfect on-the-go health regimen— at work, at the gym, or out on the road.

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It’s simple to take.

Simply pour eight drops of Cellfood in eight ounces of water or juice, and take three times per day. Or, pour a full day’s worth—24 drops—into your sports water bottle.

Cellfood Family Of Products

Try all of our formulas!

Read more about the entire Cellfood family of products, including feedback from our most appreciative customers.

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Cellfood is tested and trusted.

Cellfood is manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices by NuScience Corporation— an FDA-compliant manufacturer with third-party cGMP certification by the Natural Product Association. Accept no substitutes!

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